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Who or What is a Sidetail?

May 24, 2009

 I am a sidetail.  Are you?  I discovered that I was born to be a Sidetail in my post college years.  I regret that I had been participating in  this lifestyle for years without having a name for this marvelous way of existence.  With the help and nurturing from my bestest friends, I blossomed into the Sidetail I was meant to be.  After years of living the Sidetail way, I have created this definition, read and ponder if you will.  Upon conclusion, you may find that you are indeed a sidetail.

Sidetail (n):  A person who often possesses a prominent hair arrangement on the cranial region located on either side of the skull.  Additional traits include:  the ability to frequently jump from one interest to another in an enthusiastic fashion and an eccentric personality that can only be truly appreciated by others who identify with the Sidetail philosophy.

This blog will help you understand a little of the life of this Sidetail and the Sidetails that live with me.  That would be my husband and 4 young children, plus a dog and a cat.  I have changed the names of my children to protect both the innocent and the guilty. 

Zack is the oldest at 5 1/2 yrs old.  He is serious and the most reserved little sidetail. 

Anson is 4 yrs old.  Taking on the world with imagination and style, you never know what this kid will do or say. 

Bridget is 2 yrs old.  A lively sidetail with lots of spunk and pizzazz.  Bridget can be described as fashionista meets GI Joe. 

 Anna is our most recent addition and is 2 months old.  A sweet petite who seems to have adopted a layed back personality to survive our chaotic house. 

 Finally there is Gilbert, my reliable husband.  Every Sidetail needs a counterpart that balances their spontaneous lifestyle.  Gilbert loves spreadsheets and the calendar application on his computer.  He enjoys schedules and predictability.  The ying to my yang.

That’s it for the introduction….on with the show!